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Antique Upholstery Restoration in Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire

Antique Furniture Reupholstery and Upholstery Restoration Using Original Materials & Fastenings

Clive Payne provides antique upholstery restoration and repair in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, offering a full conservation and restoration service on all periods of furniture, specialising in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Antique upholstery restoration is a great way to bring your antique furniture back to life, increasing the value of the piece, and making a more attractive heirloom. The process aims to restore the original beauty, functionality, and historical significance of antique furniture while maintaining its authenticity. Antique upholstered furniture requires special care and attention when restoring it. Clive Payne has the skills, experience, and knowledge to safely restore your antique upholstered furniture back to its original beauty.

All antique furniture reupholstery, restoration and conservation work is carried out using upholstery tacks, hand stitching and carefully reusing brass or bronze domed nails to finish the item, we can replicate the domed heads using our lost wax casting process if missing heads are required to be replaced. Clive Payne can help bring your antique upholstery back to its former glory, ensuring that your antique furniture will continue to last for years into the future.

The Restoration of 18th-Century Furniture by Our Specialist Upholsterer

All aspects of re-upholstery and upholstery restoration in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire can be carried out by our specialist upholsterer. Following a careful assessment of the furniture and repair required, we are able to restore historical upholstered furniture from the base frame up to the needlework that were so often used in the Eighteenth Century. Clive Payne and his small team of highly skilled craftsmen have worked with some of the country’s finest houses, museums, antique dealers and collectors of period antiques.

Member of the British Antique Furniture Restorers Association (BAFRA)

The British Antique Furniture Restorers’ Association (BAFRA) is a nationwide organisation of skilled people engaged in furniture conservation, furniture repair and furniture restoration. Every BAFRA member is an expert in their field and is actively involved in Continual Professional Development to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments.

Over the years Clive has developed the highest of standards in Antique Furniture Re-upholstery in Oxfordshire, joining the British Antique Furniture Restorers Association (BAFRA) in 1997 and now specialises in conserving and restoring oak and country furniture from the 15th to 18th centuries, together with all furniture from the early 18th to 19th centuries.

Our restorers are able to upholster fine antique furniture using the same age-old techniques that have been passed down through the centuries, building up the seat and backs of chairs with hair, tacked and stitched into place to form strong sharp edges. This gives the piece longevity and comfort. Period needlework and fabrics are not easily found today, so new fabrics woven in the traditional manner from across the United Kingdom and Europe are often sourced to give any piece the look of elegance.

Antique Upholstery Restoration FAQs

What is antique upholstery restoration?
Upholstery restoration is a meticulous process that involves the repair, refurbishment, and enhancement of the fabric and padding on antique furniture. Antique upholstery restoration aims to revive the aesthetic and functional aspects of upholstered items. Skilled restorers assess the condition of the furniture, select suitable fabrics, and employ a range of techniques, including re-stuffing and reupholstering, to bring the piece back to its former glory. This not only extends the lifespan of furniture but also preserves its historical authenticity.
Why choose antique upholstery restoration for your period furniture?
Reupholstering or restoring the upholstery of antique furniture is essential for preserving these valuable pieces, ensuring their longevity and enabling future generations to appreciate and enjoy them daily. This process not only adds to their lifespan but also contributes to the accurate historical restoration of the piece, maintaining its authenticity. By returning functionality to these antiques, the restoration work enhances their value, allowing them to be cherished and admired for years to come.
What does the upholstery restoration process involve?
The upholstery restoration process encompasses several key stages. It commences with a thorough assessment of the furniture’s condition, identifying areas that require repair or enhancement. We then carefully select appropriate fabrics, considering historical accuracy and durability. The restoration involves meticulous repairs to the frame and structure, addressing any structural issues. Re-stuffing and reupholstering follow, where the chosen fabric is expertly applied to breathe new life into the piece. The process is completed with a final finish, ensuring the furniture not only regains its original appearance but also attains a level of durability that extends its longevity.
What materials are used in antique upholstery restoration and repair?
Antique upholstery restoration work can include the conservation of needlework, and the reuse of original webbings to keep the integrity of the furniture’s history. Antique furniture was traditionally filled with several different types of organic materials, which varied in both quality and price. Such as horsehair that was so often used in the makeup of an upholstered item. We still employ this in our upholstery restoration work as well as using the very best in materials.
What types of antique furniture are you able to provide upholstery restoration for?
At Clive Payne, we are able to provide upholstery restoration in Oxfordshire for a large range of antique furniture. Following a careful assessment of the repair required, the types of antiques that can be upholstered include lounge chairs, armchairs, sofas, ottomans, chaise longue, day beds, dining chairs and footstools. Our commitment lies in preserving the integrity of each piece, combining expertise with a deep understanding of historical craftsmanship. Whether it’s reviving the elegance of a classic sofa or restoring the charm of a vintage armchair, our dedicated team ensures that each antique undergoes a tailored restoration, breathing new life into these timeless treasures.
How long does antique upholstery restoration take?
The length of time that the antique upholstery restoration will take depends on a number of factors, such as the piece of furniture that is to be restored and the restoration or repair that is required. The more extensive the restoration, the longer it may take to complete. We will always work ardently to ensure that your antique furniture is returned to its former glory. Regardless of the complexities involved, our dedicated efforts ensure that each restoration project is approached with meticulous care and efficiency. Our goal is to not only revive the timeless beauty of your cherished antiques but also to ensure that the process is conducted with the utmost craftsmanship, ensuring a seamless blend of historical accuracy and enduring elegance.
Are you able to restore or replace antique fittings on upholstered furniture, such as castors?
Yes, we are able to restore antique fittings on upholstered furniture. If another copy of the fitting remains, then replica castings can be made. Otherwise, a suitable replacement may be carved from wax. Our commitment lies in preserving the authenticity of your antique pieces, employing skilled craftsmanship to recreate or replace fittings, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with the furniture’s historical aesthetic.
Why choose Clive Payne for antique upholstery restoration?
Over the years Clive has developed the highest standards in antique upholstery restoration and is a member of the British Antique Furniture Restorers Association (BAFRA). As a member of BAFRA, Clive Payne is fully accredited, works to the highest standards and ethics and has been rigorously assessed and vetted. Clive demonstrates unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that each restoration project meets the highest industry benchmarks. This accreditation not only attests to Clive Payne’s expertise but also signifies a dedication to preserving the integrity of antique furniture through meticulous craftsmanship and adherence to ethical restoration practices.

If you are looking for antique furniture reupholstery or antique upholstery restoration in Oxfordshire or Gloucestershire, or to discuss any aspect of antique upholstered furniture that you might wish to conserve or restore please do not hesitate to contact me. All restoration work is done entirely by hand using traditional techniques.

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