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Hand-Carved Wooden Furniture Restoration in Oxfordshire


The Process of Hand-Carved Wooden Furniture Restoration

Items of antique furniture sometimes have missing or damaged sections of wood carvings. With hand-carved wooden furniture restoration, missing sections can be replicated exactly as they were originally made. We carefully take a tracing of the missing section together with its surrounding area, this is then infilled either by copying another section on the item of furniture or following the outlying design. From a simple moulding, to an intricate design such as flowers, scrolls or leaves, this is then carefully carved by hand in using the carving chisels that I inherited from my grandfather.


Turned Wood Restoration & Repair

Turned items are also sometimes missing or require turning restoration to be carried out, we are able to carefully replicate these in our workshop using the same materials and woodturning methods that are required for the item to be replaced.

To discuss any aspect of an item that you might wish to conserve or restore please do not hesitate to contact me.

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