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Rush & Cane Seating Restoration in Oxfordshire

We offer high-quality rush seating restoration in Oxfordshire and cane chair repair with our antique furniture restoration service.

Rush and cane can offer a much more comfortable seating surface than wood. Antique ladderback chairs, for example, were constructed using cane or rush seating. However, with the advent of central heating, rush and caned work dries out it becomes brittle and breaks apart making the chairs or item unusable.

The Process of Rush & Cane Chair Repair – Re-Caning & Reseating

Rush and cane seating restoration is a skill that is still done by hand. Caning is a method of weaving chair seats while in the process of cane chair repair. Cane work can be conserved, small holes are able to be repaired using matching cane reclaimed from other items. Cane is usually only replaced when it is not possible to restore the original. At Clive Payne, we are able to replace both rush and cane work, re-caning seats and antique furniture.

If you have a piece of cane or rush furniture that has a woven seat, back or surface that you are considering restoring, or if you need your cane chairs re-seated please do not hesitate to contact me.

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